Our 7 best MiFi Brands

1. Netgear

About Netgear

Founded in 1996, above all, NetGear, promises high performance and stable connectivity in the form of simple solutions. They accommodate consumers of all demographics such as families, homeschooled children, gamers, and even hobbyists. Moreover, they innovate products suitable for all types of businesses. That includes entrepreneurs running businesses from home and small to medium sized businesses.

For consumers on the other hand, Netgear makes it their business to innovate the best networking technology for homes and businesses. Their mission is to transform their ideas into user-friendly devices that feel like it has been personalized to the user.

With the latest and fastest wireless internet technology, Netgear boasts a superior level of streaming, storing solutions for all your important data, and having all networks and devices seamlessly connected. Bringing the user convenience and saving the user the hassle of glitchy connections, allowing the user to do more.

Businesses are enabled to use their time more efficiently, while NetGear takes care of keeping the network stable and connected with their easy-to-use solutions. Allowing businesses to focus on growing and boosting their productivity while NetGear takes care of the rest.

Netgear’s main focus remains simple to use wireless network technology that offers networking, storage, and cybersecurity solutions while eliminating the complexity and cost of elaborate IT solutions.

When referring to Att MiFi, Netgear is the most commonly associated brand. However, several other networks provide Netgear devices on a contract or prepaid basis.



Founded in 1983, Verizon is primarily a wireless network provider whose target audience is mainly business orientated. They provide solutions at a larger scale which is beneficial to larger businesses who seek quality service in large volumes, however, they also supply smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with their devices.

5G solutions are currently the latest and highest performing innovations offered by Verizon and they come in various forms suitable for all needs from students to large conglomerates.

More; they have joined the competition with Zoom and Microsoft Teams with their video conferencing platform Blue Jeans by Verizon, and have been so fortunate to establish their headquarters in Silicon Valley. The platform boasts the ability to collaborate seamlessly, with easy to use and high-speed performance.

That’s not all Verizon does, the company runs testing and researching projects to seek out where cybersecurity measures can be enhanced by analyzing potential threats and breaches performed by so-called hackers or cyber attackers. More can be read about this in the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Alongside that, Verizon provides other networking services in all sectors. As mentioned, their primary service is providing connectivity. Along with that comes mobile phone services and home connectivity solutions. Let us not forget some of the best MiFi solutions they provide with the latest technology incorporated into the devices they innovate.



Founded not so long ago in 2014, Glocal Me as a company is solely dedicated to providing Mobile data Solutions, thus MiFi devices and mobile network data subscriptions. Glocal Me mainly targets local and international travelers and has coverage in most places in the world that enables wireless internet connection via their devices. Their devices are priced in the mid-range compared to other products on the market yet they still boast the use of some of the latest technology available.

Their Unique Selling point is without a doubt the cloud sim feature which enables the user to access connectivity without the hassle of a tangible sim card. The service can be used through the downloading of a phone application(app) and signing up for the service from within the app. They offer several options ranging from prepaid sims to long-term contracts.

Opting for GlocalMe allows the user to rent the device at a fairly low price per month without the binding of a long-term contract. This allows the user to use it in the short period of time that they intend on traveling, without the hassle of holding onto an item they purchased while having no use for in the long run.



Founded in 1983, Huawei is one of the top providers of information and communications technology running the race of innovations adjacent to the top brands like Samsung and Apple. Huawei pioneers some of the latest technology features which have not yet been researched and developed to a market-ready standard by Samsung or Apple. Instead, they dare to take risks in launching cutting-edge innovations that the world has never seen before.

Huawei produces a wide array of gadgets including, but not limited to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, wireless headphones, and of course MiFi devices. Like all their technological innovations Huawei’s MiFi devices stay up to date with the trends on the market. In fact, they launched one of the first 5G enabled Mobile WiFi devices called the Huawei 5G Mobile WiFi Pro.

Opting for Huawei gives you the security of an internationally trusted brand with potentially the latest features on the market. However, reviewers have repetitively claimed that Huawei products have proven to not guarantee the longevity of their products. Of course, depending on how careful you are with your gadgets, they work optimally for approximately one year until they start showing signs of defects as if they have an expiry date.



Founded in 1996, Inseego’s mission is dedicated to innovating the best technologies for wireless internet. In fact, they invented the first device for Mobile broadband in the 1990s, and 10 years after, they invented the first Mobile WiFi-enabled Kindle by Amazon. Another 10 years later they invented the first touch screen MiFi Device. Since then they have been the patent holders to groundbreaking innovations for Mobile Routers which now feature on most MiFi devices produced by other brands.

Inseego thinks of solutions beyond the consumer’s initial thinking. When we talk about 5G, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of “hm faster video streaming, or faster mobile phone connection” But there are so many more critical uses for 5G that are not commercialized to the public.

For example, 5G enables paramedics to send faster signals in an effort to save lives. Faster connectivity enables a smoother and faster flow of traffic within a city by optimizing transport infrastructures. It enables more productivity in smarter factories or farms by means of industrial automation, and this is only to name a few. Inseego thinks of advanced solutions to transform industries such as the Government, Health Care, Public Safety, and even Education.

Opting for Inseego as a brand will guarantee you the best MiFi technology available with partners with the most stable network providers. Given that their sole purpose is to provide solutions for Wireless Internet, they have a device suitable for every need in all shapes and sizes.

6. TP-Link


Founded in 1966 in China, TP-Link is a global provider of networking devices that started out by producing routers for homes and businesses and their products have evolved over time to keep up with trends on the market. They now provide businesses with smart solutions for connectivity, storage, and security measures. 

TP-Link provides Omada software solutions for performance management within Human Resource Departments, Shared Project Management Programs and Point of Sale platforms and so many more smart solutions to streamline processes that can be applied to several industries to improve networking. 

TP-Link Drivers and Link TL are examples of other products built by the company. They mainly build devices to accommodate gigantic volumes of data used by large companies. The MiFi department is only a small portion of what the company does to provide internet and cyber security solutions. The TP-Link L series  They have also caught up to the Smart Home Trend such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. With seamless wireless connectivity, the consumer home can now be equipped with TP-Links very own devices to pair with the Deco ISP Cloud Management System. Moreover, Deco ISP is not only compatible with generic devices to connect to it, but also with other branded devices.



Founded in 1999 in the US, Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T which is purely dedicated to providing wireless services mainly to consumers. However, small businesses can also benefit from their services.

Their unique selling point is the personalization of their offers to suit every consumers’ needs. The range of phones offered, caters to all price ranges, along with the wireless data plans with which the phone is used.

Within their offers, they provide the latest technology on the market at competitive prices. Cricket Wireless has one single device called the Cricket Turbo Hotspot 2, which makes use of the 4G/LTE mobile connectivity boasting some of the features offered in higher-end MiFi devices at a budget price. Their biggest competitor would most probably be the straight talk hotspot who only offer one hotspot as well, however, have more competitive data plans which come in prepaid variations, hence no strings attached which in some cases work

In addition, Cricket Mobile offers plans to help consumers make investments for the future. These plans can also be personalized for all budget sizes and savings goals for the future.

Opting for Cricket Wireless will leave you with one choice for a Mobile WiFi solution, the Turbo Hotspot MiFi Router. This option is perfect for those who are on a budget yet still looking to make use of modern wireless internet technology.


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