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ABOUT GlocalMe

Founded not so long ago in 2014, Glocal Me as a company is solely dedicated to providing Mobile data Solutions, thus MiFi devices and mobile network data subscriptions. Glocal Me mainly targets local and international travelers and has coverage in most places in the world that enables wireless internet connection via their devices. Their devices are priced in the mid-range compared to other products on the market yet they still boast the use of some of the latest technology available.

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Glocalme TriForce

The GlocaMe TriForce is the latest innovation from GlocalMe with extra long battery life and a more stable connection with the most popular cables attached to the device for plug and play convenience. It also functions as a power bank to charge your device on the go.


  • Size:5.8" x 2.7" x 0.59"
  • Weight: 0.46lb
  • Battery life: Up to 28 hours
  • Connections: Up to 10 simultaneous devices
  • Coverage: LTE / 4G
glocalme triforce company page
GlocalMe G4 Pro mobile router mifi

Glocalme G4 Pro

GlocaMe literally makes it their business to innovate devices for international travel. If you are willing to spend a little extra for better features, then you can’t go wrong with the G4 Pro device.


  • Size:5.4" x 2.8" x 0.50"
  • Weight: 0.41lb
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
  • Connections: Up to 5 simultaneous devices
  • Coverage: 4G

GlocalMe First G

If you are on a budget and simply need a mobile wireless connection on the go, regardless of the speed, then this is the option for you.


  • Size: 5" x2.5" x 0.55"
  • Weight: 0.43lb
  • Battery life: 14 hours
  • Connections: 8 devices
  • Network: 4G
GlocalMe First G mobile router mifi

GlocalMe International Travel

GlocalMe has built its entire brand around creating wireless internet solutions for International Travel users who wish to travel internationally. The devices have been built with the most modern technology at affordable prices. They are compatible with the majority of networks internationally and offer the user seamless connectivity.

GlocalMe Devices

GlocalMe currently produces six devices with a seventh in the making. They strategize the product range by focusing on innovating a few devices and dedicating thorough research and development to optimizing the performance of those few devices. Their devices include:

  • GlocalMe First G
  • GlocalMe U2
  • GlocalMe G3
  • GlocalMe G4 Pro
  • GlocalMe Triforce
  • GlocalMe Duo Turbo


The new GlocalMe device that has not yet been launched is the GlocalMe Numen which enables 5G and WiFi 6 connections.

Where you can read GlocalMe Reviews:

GlocalMe reviews can be read on almost every outlet that sells the product including the official GlocalMe website where the reviews are accumulated through trust pilot which is a verified reviews collector of over half a million brands.

Customer services, shipping and return policy:

For customer services, GlocalMe can be reached directly through their website under the “contact us” page or you could find them on one of the social media platforms; namely Instagram or Facebook.

The company offers Free shipping internationally except to Hawaii. However they are liable for any customs fees or import taxes, that is the responsibility of the consumer. 

Should you wish to return the product for any reason including dissatisfaction of the product or wishing to exchange, you will have to do that within the 30 day window in which you made the purchase. 


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