Huawei E5785

Roughly the size of a credit card, this is one of Huawei's smallest devices, showing of the highest performance giving lightning download and upload speed connecting up to 32 devices. In addition it is compatible with the latest Huawei AI Life App 6.

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huawei e5785 company info

Device Specifications:

Size: 4.25" * 2.44" * 0.66"

Weight: 4.32oz

Battery life: 12h

Networks: LTE/4G

Connections: Up to 32 devices.


Gaming on the go.

Remote Working

Work anywhere remotely.


Travel with WiFi.


This Huawei MiFi comes in a Classic Compact Design to give you the convenience of taking it literally anywhere you go. You might not be able to shove it into the Huawei P30 Pro Cardholder Case for your Huawei phone ( if you are that fanatic about Huawei and actually own one), but it comes very close to shoving it into the smallest space you can ever think of shoving a MiFi Router into. 

Wireless internet has come a long way since it first hit the market, The Huawei E5785 is living proof of the technological advancements the industry has experienced. With 300 Mbps High Speed LTE(comparable to 4G) which is not far off from 5G just to mention, this device supports standard Cat6 LTE that provide speeds that go twice as fast as the regular LTE. If the jargon got to your head, lets simplify that for you; You can comfortably stream HD videos and play live games. 4K streaming, might be pushing it, but if you find just the right sweet spot, you might be able to get away with it. Moreover, you can connect up to 16 devices at the same time and still comfortably enjoy the benefits of this device for up to 12 hours of battery life.

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