Inseego MiFi 8000

This is your more affordable, yet still reliable mobile internet solution featuring of the best ever created technology in its range. You have access to high speed connection, built in cyber-security and a battery that lasts all day.

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Device Specifications:

Size: 4.45" * 2.8" * 0.75"

Weight: 5.36oz

Battery life: 24h

Networks: LTE/4G

Connections: Upto 16 simultaneously


Gaming on the go.

Remote Working

Work anywhere remotely.


Travel with WiFi.

More Feautures on the MiFi® 8000

Did you know that Inseego invented the name MiFi? Yup, it's this little device that turned the name into a concept and disrupted the market and blazed the trail for the internet we experience today. As the first-ever Mobile WiFi Device, MiFi 8000 (a modernized version of it), this device enables Gibabit-class LTE download speeds and an extremely reliable, safe and secure network connection. 

This device allows you and 14 other users to connect to the internet at the same time which. You could host a LAN party at the beach, well maybe not the beach you’ll get sand everywhere Perhaps in a cabin up the mountain. Or you could take a field trip with your team and collaborate wherever you are, the possibilities are endless. With quick charging technology, the device holds a 4400 mAhLi-Ion battery to keep you connected for up to 24 hours, who needs sleep?

Just like its brothers and cousins - other Inseego devices we’re referring to, it features a convenient touchscreen that displays the data usage to avoid depletion and use it rationally. In addition, it allows you to see how many devices are connected to it, the battery level and signal strength. Moreover, you can navigate the settings easily without having to connect it to your computer first. Convenient right? Ye, we think so too!

Stay connected to the internet anywhere in the world with MiFi.