TP-Link M7350

Keep the whole family and extended family connected with this TP-Link M7650. Gain access to LTE Advanced Mobile WiFi. This is your perfect everyday Wi-Fi partner that indicates your data usage on the screen.

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Device Specifications:

Size: 4.17" * 2.59" * 0.62

Weight: 2.08 oz

Battery life: 8h

Networks: 4G/LTE

Connections: 10


Gaming on the go.

Remote Working

Work anywhere remotely.


Travel with WiFi.

More Features on TP-Link M7650

This compact device allows you and 9 other friends to enjoy the benefits of its modern innovation. Featuring a 2000mAh battery, that can easily be charged via USB, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life. This device keeps you and your friends connected to a fast a strong 4G connection with up to 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speeds.

Moreover, the device features an intuitive display that allows your to gauage your data limit and stay within it, avoiding depletion before your trip is over. In addition, the display shows the battery life, signal strength of your location and the number of users connected to the device. Moreover, this device features a Micro SD card slot that allows you to increase your storage capacity up to 32GB.

The TP-Link M350 not only allows you to comfortably work, but also enables comfortable entertainment. Whether you enter Metaverse or binge watch Netflix, you can comfortably do so anywhere in the world, even in the jungle. But hey, there’s a time for everything and you decide what that means. Just know that you will always be connected, regardless of your location. Why? Because opting for TP-Link for a MiFi device, you will be ensured a thoroughly researched and developed apparatus produced by a company that learned from their competitors’ mistakes and applied improvements to their own products.

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