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Mobile and Wireless Internet

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Mobile and Wireless Internet are both methods in which one can access the internet in this day and age. Internet access is only possible through an internet provider by which the user pays the provider a given fee in order to access the World Wide Web. Internet provision is an industry on its own and the market is worth $1 Trillion as of November 2021. Internet provider companies offer users two methods in which they can access the internet; namely direct or indirect access. 


Direct and Indirect Access


Indirect Access refers to connecting your device to the internet by using a cable or connection to the Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) network which connects the device to the internet ADSL, cable or fiber. 

Direct Access refers to connecting your device phone directly to the internet by accessing 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks. However, the internet hardware that facilitates the internet connection in phones can not process data to certain levels of desirability. Namely, people who wish to work remotely and while doing so need a stable and reliable internet connection without interruptions. Others would wish to stream or play games online while away from home. In addition, some people simply need a dedicated hotspot for various reasons including living in a house with too many internet users. 


Having said that, the internet needs of a user determine the channel through which they access the internet. Some choose for stable connections through cables, others rely on WiFi for the convenience of freely moving and accessing the internet without a given perimeter and other people opt for a dedicated WiFi hotspot, also referred to as a MiFi device.


MiFi, what is it?

All this talk about MiFi, but what is it? MiFi is a term used to describe a mobile WiFi hotspot with a wireless dongle that is a battery-powered device tapping into 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phone networks. The original MiFi device was created by Novotel to provide effortless internet connection for people on a mini broadcast network using satellites. MiFi devices can connect up to 10 devices at a time with the help of device managers that configure, update, and manage the distribution of various devices. This device produces an ad-hoc WLAN network. A MiFi device is easier to operate than a USB dongle and does not require any software support. 

Mobile WiFi can be compared to using a hotspot from your iPhone or any other device that has the option to share their internet connection. You can also apply Bluetooth tethering with your mobile, however, that is different to a mobile wireless connection. MiFi is a fine example of how internet has evolved over the years. MiFi has become an essential part of daily life for many as MiFi is good for so many uses



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