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The Evolution of The internet

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The Evolution of the internet has taken many unexpected turns over the decades. It has not only become the prime source of information, but also the prime source of entertainment and to most people even older generations, the primary channel through which they can generate an income. Most businesses in 2022 are unable to operate without the internet, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

But first, what is the internet actually? The Internet, the World Wide Web. The place where you can find information about anything you can think of. The place where you go to get your facts checked. A vast network that connects all computers around the world. Where anyone can communicate and share information if they have an internet connection. 

The Internet Today

The internet today is becoming an increasingly important part of life as it gives people the convenience to carry out tasks more efficiently when it is done digitally. Such tasks used to be restricted to the administrative activities of a business or individual. The processing of documents and the storage of data in a systematic manner. However, the internet has become the most used source of information for the majority of its users and most importantly, the internet has become a growing marketplace for most businesses. In fact, some businesses completely relies on the existence of the internet in order to operate. 

The Meta Verse and NFTs

The Metaverse is the epitome of how far the evolution of the internet has come. The Metaverse is a digital market where Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are traded with Crypto-Currency. The Metaverse can be a dangerous place if you are moving tons of money as Cyber-Criminals are watching your moves.


Furthermore, as much as the internet provides convenience it also holds its risks in terms of cyber-crime. Cyber Criminals commit crimes that are geared towards stealing data and misusing. This can be to steal your money or inappropriately use your photos for the wrong reasons. Lets just say, use your imagination. In addition, they maliciously build harmful codes to corrupt your computer if you land on the wrong webpage at the wrong time without a sufficient Firewall.

However, as part of the internet's evolution,  to supplement Firewalls VPNs were created. VPNs essentially scramble your computer's identity while browsing the internet. It can be used to access websites that isnt allowed in the country you live in by hiding your location on any Mobile or WiFi network. Which leads us to the next topic of Discussion; Mobile and Wireless Internet.

Mobile and Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet(WiFi) or Mobile Wireless Internet (MiFi) is a method by which you can access the internet through a wireless connection. WiFi and MiFi are the simple terms to which these concepts are refered to given all the technical jargon around the topic.

But first, lets take it back to the basics. Internet provider companies offer users two methods in which they can access the internet; namely direct or indirect access. 

Indirect Access refers to connecting your device to the internet by using a cable or connection to the Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) network which connects the device to the internet ADSL, cable or fiber. 

Direct Access refers to connecting your device phone directly to the internet by accessing 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks. However, the internet hardware that facilitates the internet connection in phones can not process data to certain levels of desirability. In essence, MiFi is a Mobile WiFi device that directly connects the mobile networks and provides other devices with indirect internet access.

Who is MiFi suitable for?

With all this internet jargon you are probably wondering what is this all about and who is MiFi for? Well, this might give you some perspective; MiFi devices are for those who either wish to access the internet on the go without depleting the data from their mobile phone such as:

- Travelers

- Remote Office

- Students

- Heavy Data Users

- People who live in large houses

- People who live off the grid


Essentially, MiFi can be used by just about any internet user and the examples give insight to how the internet influences modern society. There are so many types of MiFi devices and surely there is MiFi out there made especially to make your life easier

MiFi vs WiFi

The difference between MiFi and WiFi is characterized by the type of device used and the internet connection it provides. WiFi is a shortened name for Wireless Infidelity, in fact WiFi has become the universal term and not many people know what it stands for besides wireless internet. WiFi indirectly provides internet to its user by a modem connecting to a fixed-line and sending off a wireless internet signal that multiple users can access by selecting the network and entering the respective password.

MiFi on the other hand directly connects to mobile data networks available in the area, and in turn provides an indirect mobile wifi connection to its users by connecting to the device network and entering the respective password. The main difference is that WiFi is fixed to a specific location, whereas MiFi can be utilized almost anywhere that it can access 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks.

Best MiFi Brands

The best MiFi brands have been determined based on signal strength, longevity, and universality. However, MiFi brands differentiate themselves from the competition by focusing on solving one or more issues for specific niches. Hence it is highly recommended to read the guide on finding the MiFi device that tends to your needs while fitting into your budget. The best MiFi brands include:

Click on the names to learn about each MiFi brand that is taking over the market at the moment and explore their range of devices to see which one best fits your needs.

How MiFi makes your life easier

MiFi makes life easier for just about anyone who uses it as it is a dedicated hotspot. Whether you use it because you are out of a WiFi range area or whether you just wish to have a stronger signal as most devices can simply be used as signal strengtheners. Users can work anywhere whether its in the desert or in the basement, MiFi will ensure a reliable connection to the internet anywhere in the world. Even entertainment is possible as users can stream videos or play games just about anywhere.

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