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The Internet Today is more important than it ever was considering several factors that are vital to maintaining the way the world functions on the digital world. More so, considering the government imposed regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic the internet has become the only reliable place where some business can continue to operate. If it were not for the internet, the Global economy would without a doubt, fall.



E-Business is the process of conducting business on the internet. Some business models include but are not limited to E-commerce, also know as Online Shops, E-Procurement which refers to operations in the Supply Chain are merely examples of the most common types of e-businesses. However, in 2022 concepts of e-businesses have largely been innovated as people have found holes in the market to exploit. For example, the Uber and Lyft platforms have been revolutionary as they have inspired innovators to build similar platforms to conduct various types of business. 

The Internet Today is more important than it ever was considering the government imposed regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this is the best economic climate for software companies that rely on the internet in order to generate revenue such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype. Such companies would not be able to generate much revenue if the internet did not exist. Moreso, the e-commerce market which is forecasted to reach a value of US$18,5 Trillion by 2026, would collapse if the internet would cease to exist. 


In the past, the internet was not the main source of information like it is today. Researchers were limited to finding the needed information by sifting through literature relevant to the studies they would carry out. Moreover, they would have to carry out experiments to test theories and collect scientific information, which these days are useful to modern-day researchers. 

All this information has been collected throughout the centuries and in the last decades has been published on the internet for researchers to easily access without having to perform extensive research. Hence throughout phases of the evolution of the internet, information has only become more and more accessible. However, the disadvantage holds that information has over time become distorted and less reliable considering that just about anyone can post information on the internet according to their own opinions and findings.

Hence, although information is much easily accessible on the internet in 2022, it also means that it becomes less reliable to apply to academic studies over time. In fact, as a result of this dilemma; most thesis requisites indicate that only scientific sources can be cited throughout the dissertation.

Wireless Internet

Today, the internet is largely utilized through a wireless internet connection and there is no going back. In fact, wireless internet is only becoming more and more innovative and more so needed by its users. Ever since WiFi was invented in 1991, the demand for mobile internet has only become higher. Internet has in the 21st century become both mobile and wireless.

Mobile Wireless was then born in 2009 by Novatel Wireless who invented the first MiFi device. The device that can give you a WiFi connection anywhere in the world as long as it can tap into a cellular data network. MiFi has come a long way in the last two decades, in fact, the technology inside MiFi devices can now facilitate comfortable streaming of 4K videos on the go!

WiFi technology has come a long way making the biggest jump in speed from WiFi 5 with bandwidth of 3.5Gbps to WiFi 6 with a badwidth of 9.6Gbps. And just a few years ago we were taken aback by the fibre optic launch, so who knows whats next.

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