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WIFI TEChnology

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Since the very first time the World Wide Web went live, the internet has been evolving into something that we never thought was possible. Having internet was a miracle on its own, but Wireless Internet was absolutely revolutionary and chnaged the world forever. The Internet Today has come such a long way in terms of all the possiblities the platform offers to its users, for a big pary of it, thanks to Wireless Internet, in other words: Wireless Fidelity or WiFi.

WiFi has made an impact on modern society as many people have become dependent on the internet by building online businesses. In addition, becoming a Digital Nomad is so much more realistically possible with Wireless Internet being accessible in almost every part of the world. Furthermore, the absence of wireless internet can easily be solved by using a Mobile Wireless Gadget, i.e. a MiFi Device.

WiFi technology is all the components of wireless networks and wireless communications for devices to develop a connection over a distance without the use of cables or wires. These types of technologies consist of communications using radio frequencies and infrared radiation (IR). WiFi technology has evolved into the first commercial piloting of spread spectrum, millimeter-wave pulse transmission technologies, and high-speed optical communications. These have become adopted by mobile phones and wireless sensor networking industries.


What Kind of Basic Technology does WiFi Use?

WiFi uses radio waves to allow communication between two devices via frequencies using a wireless network adapter to create a hotspot. Two different radio wave frequencies are used depending on the size of data being sent across: 2.4GHz or 5GHz. 2.4GHz covers a wider range but at a slower speed with an 802.11b networking standard, whereas 5GHz provides a faster speed within a smaller range. Networking standards will transmit data across these two wave frequencies varying with the user’s needs. This type of technology is mostly used to connect devices like a modem to a computer or smartphone but it can also be used to connect two hardware components. 


Which Wireless Networks Do We Use?

There are four main wireless networks. These include Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), and the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN). WPAN is a short-range wireless network that spreads a wireless internet connection up to 30 feet using Bluetooth technology. Next, WLAN uses radio waves across local areas and is used to connect to local resources and the internet for a WiFi or MiFi connection. Furthermore, WWAN is used over large areas such as cities or countries and is connected with multiple satellite systems or mobile phone signals. Finally, WMAN connects multiple WLANs in buildings across a city.


What are Wireless Network Standards?

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the 802.11 wireless network standard to be used as a WiFi 6 standard for WLANs. The five WiFi technologies used with the 802.11 network standard include A, B, G, N, and AC. B and G standards use the 2.4Ghz, A and C standards use the 5Ghz and the N standard uses both frequencies. Unfortunately, the 802.11b network standard is no longer manufactured.


How Many Wireless Communication Devices Are There?

Whether it is WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6, mobile phones, smart televisions, or GPS devices, wireless communication devices transmit information from one point across another. For example, Bluetooth communication technology connects wireless computer peripherals like mouses and speakers. On the other hand, infrared communication technology uses infrared light rather than radio waves with a line of sight between two devices.

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