Founded in 1983, Verizon is primarily a wireless network provider whose target audience is mainly business orientated. They provide solutions at a larger scale which is beneficial to larger businesses who seek quality service in large volumes, however, they also supply smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with their devices.

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Verizon Global Modem USB730L Prepaid verizon brand page

1. Verizon Global Modem USB730L Prepaid

Meet the Verizon Global Modem USB730L Prepaid, pocket size MiFi Device. Verizon's smallest Mobile Internet Router. Verizon's Plug in and Go Solution without any setup hassles, no software required.

Device Specifications:

  • Size: 1.38" * 3.27"
  • Weight: 2.08 oz
  • Battery life: 24h
  • Networks: 4G/LTE
  • Connections: 1


2. Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L Prepaid


Device Specifications:

  • Size: 4.29" * 2.64" * 0.71"
  • Weight: 5.36 oz
  • Battery life: 24h
  • Networks: 4G/LTE
  • Connections: upto 15
Verizon jetpack 8800L mobile router mifi
Verizon Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot Prepaid VERIZON COMPANY PAGE

3. Verizon Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot Prepaid

Verizon's Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot is the perfect budget option for the family. It offers 12hours battery life and enables up to 10 user simultaneously, with 4G connectivity.

Device Specifications:

  • Size: 4.41 * 2.56 * 0.69"
  • Weight: 4.23oz
  • Battery life: 12h
  • Networks: LTE/4G
  • Connections: upto 10


If you wish to find a Verizon store, the best way is to run a search on Google and type in the keywords “Verizon wireless store” or “Verizon wireless store near me”. Google will detect your location and provide you with the store closest to you.

What to do when there is a Verizon wireless outage:

When experiencing a Verizon wireless outage you can visit the following sites to learn more about the causes, estimated time of the outage, and what you can do while waiting for the network to start back up again. These sites provide information on all Verizon wireless locations:


Verizon wireless jobs are advertised on the Verizon website where applications can be made directly. However, if you wish to use other channels which make your application process more convenient, feel free to visit LinkedIn for the most updated vacancies. LinkedIn helps recruiters find you better and gauge whether you are a suitable candidate for the position as all your information is found on there.

Customer services, shipping and return policy:

For customer services, Verizon can be reached directly through their website under the “contact us” page or you could find them on one of the social media platforms; namely Instagram or Facebook.

Verizon offers free 2-day shipping anywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii. Their return policy applies within a 30-day window by which shipping and a $50 restocking fee is charged to the customer.


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