Best Wifi Brands


Linksys. For every connection. The company was founded in 1988 by a Taiwanese couple Janie and Victor Tsao in Irvine California, where their headquarters now reside. When founded, the company was called DEW International and later named Linksys. The couple started out by selling network solutions to consumers and small businesses.

The company was on a steady growth path, however, it experienced a boost in profitability once Microsoft launched Windows 95, which featured built-in internet functionality. This widened the company’s range of products. In addition, the company gained popularity on the market when they launch the first affordable multiport router that had people lining up for it.

Their vision is built on creating the most innovative, reliable and future-proof wireless technologies that securely keep the user connected at all times. Not only does Linksys cater to consumers, but they have tapped into innovative solutions for businesses and educational institutions. In addition, the company boasts industrial grade cyber security to ensure the safety of all users even on a larger scale.

Business Solutions for small to medium businesses have always been the prime focus for Linksys, however, the company adapted its product focus as the market evolved and new technology was invented. Today they boast themselves as “Leaders in Speed, Reliability and Security. Their latest products are geared towards remote working. Brought on by the Global Covid Pandemic, they feature WiFi 6 and Linksys HomeWRK. Till today, they still claim to offer the most affordable solutions at uncompromisable quality.


ASUS was established in 1989 in Taiwan. It is now a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company, although the company is still primarily based in Taiwan. ASUS is fully geared to innovating future-ready products and staying on top of its game with emerging trends in the market. ASUS prides itself on being the Number 1 motherboard manufacturer and gaming brand globally.

ASUS gained popularity when it broke the Personal Computer industry with Eee PC™ in 2007 and is doing so again by pioneering new trends in the mobile phone sector with their ASUS ZenFone™. ZenPhone has come a long way since the first generation launched in 2014, in 2022 the latest model is the ASUS ZenFone 8.

They aim to bring Virtual and Augmented Reality closer and more accessible to the user. In addition, they aim to rapidly develop robotics technologies and Internet On Things (IoT) devices, what we like to call Mobile WiFi (MiFi) devices. They have recently launched Asus Zenbo, an elevated version of a smart home. It is a robot that assists around the house, provides entertainment by playing the user’s favorite media and even keeps families company when they have nobody to talk to.


However, WiFi primarily remains the connections that feed home-based networks to support multiple devices that are hungry for data like Smart Television, Gaming Consoles, streaming devices to name a few. Moreover, offices are more likely to utilize WiFi as they are in most cases bound to a specific location.

Whereas 5G is more dedicated to supplying mobile cellular data networks on the go such as Mi-Fi devices or even just mobile cellular connectivity to users on the go such as mobile phone users or travelers who seek a Dedicated Mobile WiFi source. As mentioned before, many industries utilize mobile networks more than we realize such as paramedics in Health Care, construction workers to communicate across large and loud construction sites, or Government agencies like the Police Force and the Fire Brigade. Below we have listed the best 5G MiFi Routers available in different price ranges.


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